Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Excellent photo series recently added at Corbis:
Sister Jean's Soup Kitchen, Atlantic City NJ

Atlantic City's less fortunate go to Jean's Kitchen for a meal and something more: hope. Her guests include homeless, senior citizens, veterans and low-income families --- including many children. They have one thing in common: they are hungry and they rely on Jean Webster's Kitchen for what may be their only nutritious meal.

Sister Jean’s Kitchen is the only program in Atlantic City providing meal service to an unrestricted population for unrestricted periods of time, while offering informal referral to needed social services.
I have opinions on what went wrong with legalized gambling in Atlantic City, save them for another post.

Hardy varieties of flowers still blooming here, & I heard crickets the other night in the sun-warmed places around the bank parking lot. There's a rose landscapers plant - hardly call it delicate-looking - that never gives up. It's like the bush was bred for the tundra.

Ordering some inexpensive flannel shirts online. I don't get to the two good, clean rummage shops here often enough to grab nice ones when they arrive, & the two decent new clothing discount stores downtown (Walmart quality & prices) don't stock many - they're more into selling cheap knockoffs of designer clothing for teenagers. I have noted a small but hopeful tendency among certain high school kids to dress more creatively yet simply, the beginnings of a counter-gangsta conformity trend (?) that (I think) is coming out of L.A. It looks like a combination of urban & suburban, maybe skateboarder culture creeping in. Some are even shaping baseball cap brims instead of the knucklehead flat style that practically advertises the adolescent wearer* flunked English because he couldn't read the reasonably hip, easy books the young, friendly female teacher assigned. I don't pay much attention to that stuff. Perhaps Carrie, my City of Angels (not the baseball team) connection, can enlighten me.

*Same guy who looks utterly baffled by the gadgety little media player he probably stole.

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Well, the skateboarding trend in dressing is definitely THE style here. Mostly black jeans, doesn't matter the brand as long as they are the skinny jeans, no flare at the feet. Vans are the shoe of the moment. T-shirts, mostly black, and with some band name, or skateboarding screed on them. Many wear hoodies as well. The baseball cap is coming back with the lid creased, as you noticed. Just the "gangstas" still wear the droopy pants with the underwear showing and the basebal caps with the labels still on them! Thank goodness that fashion statement has seen its day end.
They look street-smart but non-threatening. My hope is that they're creating an alternative culture for themselves. In my city, there's a lot of basically good kids in both public & parochial high schools, they know they can go on to college if they make it through, & mutual protection must be a very high priority for them.
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