Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Meet the family day

"Pastor Dan" Schultz & "Mrs. Pastor" are two really lovely people I met & know only online. Today, after a two-year process, they signed the final adoption papers for two children, a sister & brother they brought out of the Wisconsin foster-care system. Although they shared the experience at Street Prophets, they set some limits, one of which was that they hadn't posted full photos of the kids until today, when they debuted as an "official family." The kids are now ages 12 & 6. Here's their Meet the Family photo & diary. Wunnerful. This is a dream come true for the Schultz's, they're very happy. They both have extended families in the State. Their two children, now son & daughter legally as well as of the heart, will receive all the love & nurturing they need & then some. The kids have gradually realized that love in this particular home will abide forever. I can see that from thousand miles away.
Martha Mason lived 61 years in an iron lung, was by all accounts an extraordinary, delightful person. Graduated Wake Forest, wrote a book, had hundreds if not thousands of friends. Constantly entertained visitors at her home in western North Carolina. She died peacefully at home, age 71. There's someone makes you hope for heaven, winged angels & all.
Blogged.com rates me 6.6 in the "recreation" category & expects me to celebrate by placing a linked graphic in my blog? I didn't ask them to score me.


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