Monday, April 13, 2009

Send Chris Smith to Rome

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican is denying that it has rejected several candidates for U.S. ambassador to the Holy See because of their support for abortion rights.

Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi said Friday that he checked the reports in the American and Italian media and there is no truth to them.

The rumor is that Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg was being considered.

I'm throwing a name into the hat: Congressman Chris Smith, NJ-4. Roman Catholic, 100% right to life, Republican, not totally wingnutty, & he's been impossible to unseat in a district that has a good chance of going Democratic without him. Wins by landslides, but has resided in Virginia since 1983. After 28 years in congress, he might not enjoy being a lockstep "nay" guy when the current president is obviously a vast improvement over the previous one. Maybe he'd like a change of scenery. Heck, it's the Vatican. How many oil wells does the Pope have?


That's not a bad idea... Granted, I'd go for anything that sends Chris Smith away from "representing" me in Congress.
Chris Smith was born in Rahway, BTW, and while he is pro-life, he has an admirable record on human rights abuses, even when it meant parting ways with the kooks who now run the GOP. The Star-Ledger has endorsed him several times.
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