Saturday, April 25, 2009

Exciting walk downtown

Bought two pillows & a pair of khaki pants. If I'm not gonna wear shorts much in warm weather, at least I'm getting out of the habit of wearing jeans. Since the crazy glue seems to be holding on my old sneakers, I had no excuse to check out black canvas low tops, locally available again in brands other than overpriced Converse All-Star. Pants are cut a little long, probably shorten up after a few washes.

What you'll never see in the Morris Ave. retail & cafe district: Hispanic women wearing baggy jeans. No matter what size their butts, their jeans look sprayed on.

Discovery: Hard, large, inedible supermarket strawberries soften up, acquire some juice & taste, & can be blended into smoothies when they're sliced up & nuked for a minute. Cheap experiment, they were on sale at Shoprite. Otherwise, I wouldn't touch them.

There was an immigration reform rally somewhere in Elizabeth today. wasn't around here. An estimated thousand showed up. Poor attendence considering the city's population has a large percentage of native-born & naturalized Hispanics. That didn't stop a poster in the comment section at the news report from suggesting that a bomb ought to be dropped on Elizabeth, where I happen to reside. The word for this language is eliminationist. Which means, usually, killing the opposition, & is a growing characteristic of right wing rhetoric.

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