Sunday, April 05, 2009

Palm Sunday

Each Palm Sunday the youth choir was invited to join with the adult choir to belt out "The Palms" by Jean-Baptiste Faure:
O'er all the way, green palms and blossoms gay
Are strewn this day in festal preparation,
Where Jesus comes to wipe our tears away,
E'en now the throng to welcome Him prepare
Dunkin' Donuts 99 cent latte sale convinced me the same beverage is NOT worth $2.39.

After I go through the checkout line at ShopRite, I have to take all the items out of the yellow plastic bags - always double-bagged, place the food in my backpack, then hang the plastic bags back on the bag rack. Too much trouble to ask the cashier to bag em any other way.

Encounter with short Hispanic man who spoke not a word of English. He had a cellphone. First, he seemed to want to know where he was. El-Mora? Yes, Elmora. Then he wanted to know something about cafe Americano. I couldn't tell if he meant Dunkin' Donuts or some other place with that name. Then he asked about Elizabeth Ave. From where we were, it was a long way off. I could only give him general directions & try to describe the county courthouse, a landmark impossible to miss. We were both amused by our attempts to communicate, & I'm sure he was glad I didn't just brush him off a street after dark. But if he had talked to just about anyone but me, walked back a block to the Exxon station, odds are at least 50/50 that person would speak Spanish. What the odds on him being here legally? 1000 to 1?

Applause for South Florida winning the WNIT, & Louisville's furious 2nd half comeback to beat Oklahoma in WNCAA semifinal. For all the attention given the men's Big East this year, I thought the women's side of the conference was also the first or second strongest in the country, just that there was such a large gap between UConn & rest of the teams. Big 12 was overrated. Now Louisville plays UConn. Okie All-American Courtney Paris promised to play back her scholarship if the Sooners didn't win the championship. Bad precedent, but she can afford it when she signs her WNBA & endorsement deals.

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