Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Damn runty little dog down the street attacked me again tonight. You can't get away from it, it follows you into the street, & it's a nipper, meaning it's a biter. But a dog is what it is & what really pisses me off is that whoever is out there minding it never makes a serious attempt to call it off & leash it, or reel in the leash if it's on one. There was a woman holding a leash, & she kept talking on her cellphone, & I yelled, "Goddamit, (I rarely curse like that) I love dogs but I swear I'll kick that thing in the head if it bites me." Does she even understand English? It forced me to the side of the street with the half-built house with no sidewalk, which I forgot about & stepped into a muddy puddle in my good lightweight Omega walking sneakers. Needless to say I was plenty aggravated.

I know the fenced in front yard dogs around here, the pair of yappy little poodles that egg each other on but would run if you challenged them, & the yowling beagle that makes a lot of noise but wags his tail to let you know he's just doing his job. They surprise me sometimes but they're harmless.


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