Wednesday, April 01, 2009

CBS pulls plug on Guiding Light

I thought this headline from Variety was an April Fool joke. It is not.
After 72 years and more than 15,700 episodes, “Guiding Light” will shine no more.

CBS informed the show’s cast and crew Wednesday that the long-running serial will be broadcast for the last time on Friday, Sept. 18.

Show’s demise reps the latest downsize to hit the once-vibrant daytime soap genre. “Guiding” consistently ranks at the bottom of the daytime ratings, and its demise isn’t a complete surprise.

Its ratings with younger viewers are so bad that it has no future, & when the producers slicked up the show's look, the older devotees didn't like it. I've been told that if you're really into the soap genre, you should learn Spanish.
Got lucky. Walked to library in a spritz, stayed that way while I was in Dunkin' watching the Obamas meet the Queen (who looked as pleased as a corgi with a bacon treat), but began pouring as I reached supermarket. A guy from my building was shopping & gave me a lift home. Like me, he lives quietly here. But when his girlfriend stays over, he has to go out into the hall for a smoke, which is where I usually encounter him.
Note to old friend now new friend on Facebook: Surely you know if you're friends with me, you can't just pronounce Marlene Dietrich "the greatest singer of all time" & leave it at that. I'm still a boss music guy.

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