Saturday, March 14, 2009

There must be a milk glut. Yesterday I bought 1/2 gallon for$2.29; for $5 I could've bought two gallons. So how come yogurt isn't cheaper? & why aren't there deep cuts on peanut butter? PB wasn't tainted with salmonella, but clearly it isn't selling like it usually does, the shelves are crammed.


NEW YORK – Three people were arrested and six others hurt Saturday after bedlam broke out while they waited to audition for "America's Next Top Model," police said.

Police didn't know what prompted the chaos involving hundreds of people outside the Park Central New York hotel in Manhattan. The panic left the street outside the hotel littered with shoes and clothing, according to news reports.

Three people were arrested on disorderly conduct charges, police said. Authorities also shut down the audition, saying it wasn't properly organized.

Tyra Banks has said she created the show to counter stereotypes about beauty, and Saturday's auditions were open only to women no taller than 5-foot-7, which is shorter than the industry's conventions.
What a mess the ladies left.

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