Sunday, March 29, 2009

Purdue 67, Rutgers 61

#7 RU (21-13) 33 28 61
#6 PU (25-10) 40 27 67

Ouch. The Rutgers women could have won this game & they know it, but their defense wasn't there for most of the first half, & the seven point lead Purdue took made all the difference in the end.

Well, who thought they were a Sweet Sixteen team six weeks ago? Or two? Their 5th consecutive appearance that round. & if UConn takes the national title, then this was a season not to make a run to the Final Four. The freshmen learned that they succeed or fail on The System, & they know how it feels to play in the Big East & NCAA spotlights, for a famous (if notoriously strict) coach. They've heard the crowds at the RAC. Epiphanny, Rashidat, & Brittany will be seniors next season. Interesting year with a surprise finish - the double overtime loss to Louisville & thumping Auburn. I'll miss Heather & Kia, but they had college careers few athletes experience: A Big East title, four outstanding NCAA tournaments, & a magical run to a championship game in '07 against Tennessee (followed by the Imus affair, which was handled so well that it was a positive for the program). Rutgers was the only Jersey Div. 1 basketball team in postseason play this year.

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