Friday, March 20, 2009


The president's staff made a calculated pick of a date for a presidential appearance on a late night talk show. NCAA basketball on CBS had Letterman locked into a repeat, so there was no favoritism or ratings bomb; it's probable some promise was made for a future appearance by the president or the First Lady. Letterman, after all, provided the Obama campaign with one of its best weeks when McCain abruptly canceled an appearance to rush to Washington & save the economy but was caught live on the CBS news raw feed taping a segment with Katie Couric in New York at the same time he would've been in the Late Show guest chair. Letterman is also a sharper interviewer than backslapping Jay, pleading ignorance with politicians before zinging some pointed question his researchers prepared for him.

As for Obama's "Special Olympics" slip with regard to his bowling score, the cranks complaining the loudest also oppose stem cell research.

We Americans have small patience for details unless they involve gadgets, recipes. & celebrity scandals (see 9/11=Iraq+WMD). So while it's good that we're raging at A.I.G. bonuses & capitalist exploiters, we still don't get it; the facts of the astounding greed & legal scams have been available to us for many years. The indignation of America's only native criminal class - congress - is laughable. They've always known the details, from long before Wall Street was ripping off the Federal Guvmint directly & merely playing three card monte on the American people with the consent of both political parties. It's sickening to hear Pelosi's evasions (disgraceful recent interview with Charlie Rose) & Republiban lies (every day). The moment a politician prefaces a statement with the adverb "Frankly," you know you're about to hear bullshit.

I don't think Americans expect the President to lose his cool. Outrage isn't his personality. We do expect him to get control of his economic team & make it clear to them that they aren't working for Wall Street anymore; they're working for him & us. Because they aren't feeling the anger. & pretty soon, the American people will decide he isn't feeling it, either. We don't care about the damned White House garden.

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"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." Thomas Jefferson

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