Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mortality Radio

WCBS-AM, an all-news station in New York City. A full 35 minute cycle from top of the hour is national headlines, traffic, weather, sports, traffic, weather, business, traffic, weather, local headlines. All the commercials , commentary, other news are squeezed between those rigidly scheduled segments. Charles Grodin gets paid for reciting an opinion no longer than a Twitter in a "wish I wuz dead" tone of voice. Dr. Joyce Brothers sounds as ancient as she is. Now you also get thematic-related oldies song clips before certain news stories; I think, there's another annoying duty for some staff engineer.

It has to be unsettling when you're stuck in a traffic jam & the 60 second health report tells you you're three times more likely to have a heart attack after being stuck in a traffic jam.

Then there's the commercials. In only 1/2 hour you're likely to hear about cancer treatment, heart surgery, joint replacement, prostate vitamins, assisted living for rich people, hospice care, a Jewish funeral home. Around St. Patrick's Day you get tours to Ireland - visit dead ancestors! Other commercials lean toward luxury cars; Lexus,Mercedes. BMW offers a Jacuzzi & full body massage while you're waiting for an oil change. Rub in it in on folks driving old Toyotas. But wait, all suits on sale ninety-nine dollars! Your life is a cheap suit.

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