Sunday, March 08, 2009

Louisville 87, Rutgers 82

A double overtime heartbreaker in the Big East Tournament against the #7 ranked team. The go-to girl, Epiphanny Prince, fouled out in first OT. The usually reliable defense collapsed in the second half, giving Coach Stringer fits (I've read some cogent arguments that she's been too slow this season to adjust to opposing coaches' 2nd half adjustments), but for two straight games they've shown the offense we'd expected at the beginning of the year when pollsters had Rutgers at #6 preseason. They just don't have enough experience beating good teams.

Notre Dame, an inconsistant squad like their male counterparts, lost to Villanova, an "upset," but the Wildcats beat the Irish during the regular season, & they have a fine defensive game. My interest in Notre Dame teams mainly concerns their play against PAC 10 teams. Since the era of the UCLA / John Wooden dynasty, Notre Dame has been my appointed team to defeat west coast schools. UCLA, USC - & probably every PAC 10 team hate losing to Notre Dame, & that's good enough reason for me. Anyway, it'll be a shock if UConn doesn't win the National Championship.

Yesterday, Kean University (the school around the corner from me) was knocked out of the Div. III tournament. Our state colleges probably siphon off just enough local high school & community college talent to handicap the recruiting efforts of Jersey's smaller Div. 1 programs. Athletes run up less debt without a sports scholarship at a Div. III state school, & the social life is cheaper, too.

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How did Kia Vaughn play in that game? I think I was hoping for a more breakout season from her.
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