Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Let's come back to the beautiful thing."

said Archbishop Tutu, on Craig Ferguson's show, returning to the subject of the election of Barack Obama.

That's right. Craig Ferguson. Craig gave his entire hour tonight to Desmond Tutu, & a wide-ranging discussion of good & evil, Nelson Mandela, forgiveness, hope.
Unforgettable television.

Tutu: "When you don't feel it in your tum tum."
Ferguson: "It's like drinking poison & expecting someone else to die."

Ferguson's monologue was a loose, & amusing introduction to Tutu, South Africa, & the meaning of apartheid.

Find this show on You Tube or somewhere & watch it. It was late night talk TV on CBS, & I could hardly believe what I was seeing & hearing - one of the world's great souls sitting in a guest chair usually occupied by actors from TV shows you'll never watch, the wonderful hee hee giggle of a man who has seen first hand the worst of what the human race is capable of doing, & yet can say, "Evil is an aberration." He is not blind or in denial.

Craig Ferguson, for his fart jokes & silliness, really pulls off an amazing program every so often.

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I agree. It was an amazing interview. Craig Ferguson shows his ability to talk seriously and also be entertaining with a very beautiful person, Archbishop Tutu. With all the talk about who will rule the late night scene, I believe that Craig has proven to be the ultimate "all things" to late night. This was one of Craig's best shows of the year. He is an amazing man with many gifts, and no one does interviews better!
Remember that time Britney Spears shaved her head and the media went nuts? The only person who said anything intelligent or decent was Ferguson. His monologue that night was about his own alcoholism, his own mistakes and how he was motivated to change. It was an heroic defense of a person crumbling before our eyes and a scathing indictment of our refusal to avert them.
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