Sunday, March 08, 2009


I dislike dreams where I'm trying to go somewhere in Jersey. Last night, I was with some people - who they were probably wasn't so significant - & we needed to catch a NJ Transit local train to get to a town to pick up a car to take a boat to the Jersey shore. After we were in the car, it was suggested that we stop by a local bar & give a friend a ride home from a party. We went to the bar, our friend was there sitting at a table, I recognized a number of Jersey poets, the party was breaking up, it was very late, & we were wasting time trying to pry our friend out of the joint. At this point dream lucidity began kicking in, & I was thinking how absurd it all was. You couldn't possibly take a boat from there to the shore, yet outside was a canal with a number of small boats all going to different places at the shore. But it was the middle of the night & I was tired of traveling, & not interested in taking a long boat ride or engaging any of the dream companions in conversation to find out what it might really be about, because even familiar characters in dreams rarely are who they appear to be, their answers are always evasive or cryptic, & you have to approach them with bemusement if you want to enjoy the encounter. So the dream ended without any resolution, & I woke up with the annoyed feeling of not having been asleep at all but of having used a lot of real world energy inside a dreamscape, to no purpose.

Then my daily horoscope for Scorpio was: Are you hungry for a more intellectual connection with that new cutie in your life? Start getting comfortable with the idea that it just might not happen. Oh come on. There's no "new cutie," & I was 22 years old the last time I was with a woman I might have referred to as a "cutie," & that was her nose. They've always been "cuties" to me, intellectual or not. "Intellectual" has never been a qualification. But "ignorance" has always been a disqualifier.

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I actually have dreams that have taken place in the same location a few times: a quasi-fictional Rahway train station with a branch line that runs into Avenel and then off into Somerset and Hunterdon Counties, and the regular NEC that stops at Metropark.
My last two dreams involved me losing my office. First time, my boss changed the office into a restaurant, and they replaced my desk with tables and chairs. The second dream was a lot more complicated, and my boss had bought two floors in the building and we were all scavaging for the excess furniture and art ... except, I couldn't find my office.


I also, wierdly enough, have the ability to go back to sleep and continue my dream. With the last dream, I kept hitting the alarm clock snooze button because I wanted to find my office. Eventually, I got tired of looking, and just woke up.
Since I was advised to talk to dream characters if I realized I was dreaming, I've had a few interesting experiences. But what they've said is baffling, like they're deliberately trying to confuse me. It makes me think I created the dream location, but it's inhabited by independent entities.
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