Monday, March 09, 2009

Customer in front of me at 99 cent store purchased $40 St. Patrick's Day decorations including stack of green plastic derbys.

Dressing for March temps in 40's; going up or down? fair or cloudy? Windy? drizzly?

Because I combine visits to the library with the supermarket, the size & weight of books do matter. Also, I do most of my reading before sleep, & thick books are uncomfortable, & my reading eyesight is weak. I had Team of Rivals, the Lincoln book by Doris Kearns Goodwin sent over to the branch. It's about 900 pages. When I picked it up tonight my shopping attitude changed (plus I checked out a paperback novel rather than a hardcover). My shopping list was small, but I skipped the quick browse, didn't want to be tempted by any sales on 1/2 gallons of juice or canned stuff. Limited space, & weight adds up fast.

I seem to have tapped into a cluster of my high school classmates on Facebook. I've had no connection with those folks over the decades. It's easily explained. By the time I graduated, I had no close friends in my class. I was hanging out with my next-door neighbor's pals, a skateboarding crew, he was a year behind me. My family had lived in the town since the 1920's, but we sold the homestead a year after graduation. Upon graduating I almost instantly became a pot-smoking, garage band musician, gravitating toward New Brunswick, the only music scene in Jersey other than Asbury Park. So what few connections I had were lost. The class reunions I heard about cost a little more than I was willing to spend on the events, it wasn't an attitude or anything stopping me.

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June next year will be my 40th year out of high school. My graduating class was only about 100 (private Catholic high school, all girls), but I have never been to any reunions.
About 200 in mine, many of them I'd seen every school day since kindergarten, & some in Sunday School, too. I get a Christmas card every year from an old friend who went into commercial radio & changed his name, & that's it. Eventually, he made a lot of money as a radio format consultant.
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