Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anti-Catholic Alert

From Newt Gingrinch:
# It is sad to see notre dame invite president obama to give the commencement address Since his policies are so anti catholic values
about 10 hours ago from TwitterBerry
Newt's third wife, Callista Bisek*, is a Catholic, & he's converting from Southern Baptist to make the marriage spiritually copacetic.

Nobody is more Catholic than a convert.

*The woman Newt had an affair with before he divorced the one he married after he ditched the one with cancer. Anyone care to explain the applicable Canon Law?

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Don't get me started!
In 1992, George HW Bush was the speaker at my commencement. I objected ONLY because 1992 was an Election Year, and I didn't want some politician using the culmination of my parents' $80,000 investment for his political gain. I had no problem with having the President of the U S of A speak, but I preferred that it be done in a non-election year.
So BHO is in favor of something that Rome finds abhorrent? Then I guess that Fr. Ted Hesburgh himself better move out of South Bend http://www.canonlaw.info/2008/10/hesburgh-on-womens-ordination.html
Perhaps Canon lawyer Peters will eventually get around to explaining why Newt's first two marriages never happened. He probably has a great practice in obtaining annulments for Tom Monaghan's followers.
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