Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Cialis is the drug for erectile dysfunction that stays in the system for up to 36 hours so you're ready "when the time is right." The TV commercials show happy,relaxed, loving older couples who look married or like they know each other well. About the only reason I can think of that Cialis would be preferable to Viagra is if the guy doesn't want to reveal that he's taking a drug to chemically encourage his boner, & he's not sure when or if he's gonna get lucky. If you're in an honest relationship, one or the other can ask, "You wanna do it?" & if the time is almost right, the guy says, "O.K., I'll take a Viagra," & then they can fool around until it kicks in. It's bad to keep it secret, because if a guy takes an erectile drug & starts going deaf or blind as a side effect, it'd be good to say to one's lover, "Hey, I got a problem, I think you should drive me to the emergency room," without making a confession of it. Anyway, women appreciate the fooling around time, & they like it even more if they're ready first, particularly with older men who are likely to be ready once & then too sleepy to stay awake until the next "right time." Viagra has more energetic commercials, musicians singing "Viva Viagra" to the tune of "Viva Las Vegas." Indeed, it's easy to imagine Elvis eating 'em by the handful along with a variety of other mood enhancers. But it also suggests that one has scheduled an appointment in Nevada with a woman known only by a first name.

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The funny part is, that most women in committed relationships for a zillion years at the age they show in the commercials (they always zoom in on the "ring" on the woman's finger) generally don't WANT TO HAVE SEX!!!!!

It is strictly a man's drug, and does nothing for the woman. Well, I will reveal, though, that during the time I was dating a quadraplegic (for two years -- special, very much in love, relationship), it wasn't until I asked him to talk to his doctor about Viagra, that sex between us was something more than just his pleasing me.

Of course, after that, he dumped me (laughs).
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