Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I loved the speech

That was a great speech in the State of the Union mode. Maybe the best I've heard given all the bad news that had to be covered. President Obama did a really good job explaining why banks had to be propped up & the American auto industry should survive. He proposed a broad progressive reform agenda in health care, education & energy, leaving it broad, since it wasn't the moment to get into details he's still working on. He made the obligatory hat tips to the guests in the gallery (Sully was there, of course).We should appreciate that he spoke about the cumulative costs of war. War is always the biggest, mosr wasteful, least regulated spending program. I liked that he spoke past the audience in the chamber, to the American people. Usually, in these addresses, we feel that we're just listening in. secondary. We had two terms of terrible Bush speeches, with smirking Cheney looking over his shoulder, reminding us that The Decider was deciding what had been already been decided for him. Before Bush we had The Triangulator. Now we got a guy who leaves no doubt who is in charge. If he wants to talk bipartisanship & shake hands with the devils, fine. When Al Franken arrives in town, he'll need only two of those three Repug senate moderates. & in two years maybe he won't even need them.

Bobby Jindal is the bright new face of the Repulibans?


It's all smoke and mirrors Baby!
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