Sunday, February 01, 2009

Springsteen at Superbowl:

Watching it, the action seemed energetic, almost frenetic, horn section, choir, fireworks. But with eyes closed, the music was sluggish. Isn't Glory Days played faster than that? Well, no. It never is. One just wishes it was faster. That stuff doesn't make we want to dance. What kind of party is that? Gets points for sliding on his knees into the camera. There was another act who mugged a lot, slid across the floor, & had a large soul review band: his name was James Brown. Is it fair to compare?

The commercials were male magical fantasies. Inventive. Stupid.

Personally, I liked his show.
I enjoyed the show. "Glory Days" kind of an odd pick given its subject, or maybe it was apt for a couch potato audience eating nachos. He needed a shout-along closer & I didn't expect he'd do "Hungry Heart" or "Badlands." Also, can't separate Springsteen from his political views no matter what he sings.
Just looked at some field level photos of the crowd directly in front of the bandstand. Average age I'd guess 50s.
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