Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sophia Loren

& Jerry Lewis.
The Oscars.

Sophia looked like the uber-queen of drag queens, which of course is old Hollywood glamor. But Sophia wasn't Hollywood. Her best work (& Oscar) was Italian, in films hardly anyone has seen. She never starred in a great American movie. She was stand-in atthe Oscars for Liz Taylor. Shirley MacLaine, same age as Loren, was the anti-Sophia. The Jackman-Beyonce routine was a waste of singers, dancers & show tunes, might have been the worst arranged medley I ever heard. Sickly Jerry Lewis kept it short & sweet for his overdue Statuette, the Hersholt, although the Academy could have given him a special Oscar for any number of reasons, including technical innovations. No Hey Laaaayddeee!

I followed the Oscars as a kid when I was into movie soundtracks & had an interest in the music categories, & the show was like the Miss America Pageant - everyone tuned in. Nowadays I'm indifferent, but I approve of A.R. Rahman, winning composer for Slumdog Millionaire. He's a superb musician, prolific, & practically born to the soundtrack art.

I didn't watch the telecast, but switched channels while commercials were running during Amazing Race. I was impressed with Jerry Lewis' speach, although, I did long for some "heeeeyyy laddddy" in any montage (which was negligable). I didn't see any full speech, although I saw part of Sean Penn's speech, and at least two dance numbers from Slumdog Millionaire. BTW just for reference, on "so you think you can dance" show last season, they featured two Bolly inspired dance routines incorporating hip hop and traditional, which were both reflected in the presentations on the best song category.
I watched the second half of it. Sunday was rare night when I was really really bored. Hadn't seen the Oscars in several years.
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