Saturday, February 21, 2009


Had a dark gray mouse in here last night, which means it's probably been coming here for a few days. Haven't seen a mouse in at least 18 months. When I stood up, it scurried back under the radiator in the corner, & I suppose into an opening next to pipe. I knew where it wanted to go: to the the only place where there are usually some crumbs on the floor - by the 'puter. It isn't a single mouse that bothers me; it's that there's never just one.

The radiator had various glue & live traps around it for a long time, never trapped anything. I removed them when the plumber did some work a couple of weeks ago, & next thing there's a mouse. So I put out some new ones - I hate catching mice, & I'll try to reseal any openings around the radiator.

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