Tuesday, February 17, 2009

that sinking feeling

Paul Krugman wrote in a recent column that he had a "sinking feeling" about the economy. His feeling comes from an economist's assessment that the situation is too grave & the government is doing too little. With one-tenth of Krugman's intellect, I've had a sinking feeling since Bush was "elected" & especially after he was "reelected" that there was a vast conspiracy to kill democracy in America while retaining the shell of its form, & that this conspiracy wasn't detailed but rather was general strategy & goals; a lot of powerful men & institutions - political, corporate, military, religious, think tanks, media - had tacitly agreed that the future of the United States of America should not be entrusted to the whims & will of the other 98% percent of the citizenry. So I look at the current economic collapse & wonder who benefits over the long run if President Obama fails, & wonder also if this collapse was somehow by design to make any legitimately elected president & government fail, regardless of party.

It's just a feeling, & to be honest I don't give it much thought. But the Repulibans in congress do give me pause. They are not the ruling class; they are the lapdogs of the ruling class. White men mostly, of mediocre minds & inflated self-importance. Tom DeLay is gone, but his spirit grovels on.


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