Sunday, February 08, 2009

Small Latte

Later: Slightly underdressed for walk .. windy. Treated myself to small latte on sale at Dunkin', rarely drink caffeine after morning coffee, DD switched TV from Fox back to CNN, inclines me more to sit down there. 40ish woman with wifi laptop, studying for NY bar exam. Seen her there before. Don't know how much she learns. But I used to study at a Wendy's that played classical music in the afternoon, part of it was not having a convenient college cafe or library & just wanting to get out & do some people-watching, & I did swell on the tests.
High fifties & had a spring shower. With the relentless cold & "wintry mix" we've had so far, we're due for run of mild weather, & early February is often our deep freeze in Jersey. Yesterday, I wandered downtown, mainly to stop at Radio Shack, but decided to hoof it all the way to the Main Library for Our Lincoln, one the many books timed for Lincoln's bicentennial birthday. It's just getting started. I arrived home with that & a 2 x 6 rug, "Made in the USA" according to the label.

Gina & her boyfriend are in Fort Lauderdale this week, staying at an old family-owned motel close by the racetracks, a vacation quickly arranged when Glen learned he was going on the graveyard shift & decided he needed some time in the sunshine before his circadian rhythms were discombobulated. This leaves me in charge of The Cats. With two kittens, the list keeps growing of stuff not to leave out in open, now including cellophane candy wrappers. Last night they were already tuckered out, thank heavens, & I listened to a new organ CD on Gina's very loud music machine while I ran a load of laundry in the basement. Then carted home my new comforter, all my packages delivered to Gina's.

If I was rich, I'd do three things for Elizabeth. I'd expand the Elmora Branch Library so it has more space for books & a comfortable reading area. Then I'd fund a year of Sundays, partly to see if the local Orthodox community would use it as much they do weekdays, & partly because the 8 computers are busy all day Saturday & they'd probably be as in demand Sunday; I'd support a children's librarian- there are not enough organized activities, & the ones they do have & promote seem to draw participants. But first I'd move out of the city. The Main Library is not convenient for most people in Elmora. We're like a separate town here, the most ethnically & economically diverse area of the city.

Except for the Orthodox, Elmora is like my former town, Rahway, changes block by block, if not gentrifying with upscale condos & expensive restaurants, but that would happen if a light rail connection came here & the economy picked up. Elmora is a "natural" for light rail. Most of the route already exists on the old Jersey Central right-of-way, 2 minutes to the downtown NJ Transit station & a short trip to Jersey Gardens Mall & the airport. & there's some wonderful old high ceiling apartment buildings, including several clustered around a large, rectangular park a few blocks from what would be the Elmora trolley stop.

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