Thursday, February 12, 2009

Darwin woo hoo

Today was beautiful: Blustery; gray, broken clouds racing across the sky; trees waving; an odd quality of light, the pale winter sun there & not there. Walking in it, late afternoon, I felt like shouting, "Woo hoo, woo hoo!"

Also Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, one of the greatest minds that ever lived. The questions Darwin raised for literalist Judeo-Christian belief have never been answered. I must admit, they precipitated a deep spiritual puzzlement for me in the form of Horseshoe Crabs having mass sex on the beaches of Raritan Bay NJ ten years ago. My response was to purchase a two CD set of Blind Willie Johnson's recordings & a compilation of gospel songs composed by Thomas A. Dorsey. When confused by the contradictions, accept the science & find your religion in poetry.

Sucks: cassette player ate tape of a rare reggae dub album I was about to digitalize. Ruined.

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