Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Family Dollar

Despite the rain & slush, & not bringing an umbrella, & wearing leaky sneakers, I enjoyed the browse at Family Dollar store. Really gave it a look. I came back with Palmolive dish detergent, a Mr. Clean scrub brush, paper towels, 3-pack of black crew socks, & orange juice (I'm careful about food in nonfood stores). Couldn't decide which cleaner would really blast the bathtub. I browsed the store with an open mind. Didn't care for the mop selection, cheap area rugs, bathtowels, & pillows.

The day is so miserable & ugly as to have a beauty about it. Elizabeth has a lot of ugliness anyway, so there was no gilding the drooping lily this afternoon.

Earlier, I ordered an inexpensive polyester fill comforter, burgundy, on sale. I sleep on a futon, on a hard mattress & a soft, folded down comforter covered with a sheet, & on top of those is the dingy old comforter that's been washed too often & not enough, & is the only item I have requiring a giant machine at a laundromat & a long tumble in an unpredictable dryer. Time to retire it. I'll wash it when I have the chance, & stow it in the closet.
Google Alert notified me that Redtelephone66 psych music blog had used my capsule review of The Hassles "Hour of the Wolf" LP. That's why I google alert my name; most of the alerts point to one of the many Rixons in Australia & ignore the "Bob" part. Maybe my ancestors included thieves, whores, & debtors transported down under. Cool.
Rutgers women got their first high quality win of the season last night, beating #17 Notre Dame 78-68 in South Bend before a crowd of 10,000. That place must have been rockin'. Rutgers fell out of the rankings this week, if they beat South Florida they'll climb back in. Still, doesn't look like anyone in Big East gonna touch UConn this year. Huskies could go the NCAA championship undefeated. They brushed Oklahoma aside & destroyed North Carolina. Besides being a great team, they caught a season when many traditionally strong programs are erratic or struggling. But Rutgers may be the only opponent capable of psyching out UConn, just by being Rutgers.

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